The AI-Powered Social Investing Network

Turn your social accounts into rewards. Take part in social mining with DePIN.

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What is SnapX?

SnapX transforms investment insights into action with AI-powered precision and seamless trading.

We aim to deliver a one-stop trading experience that enables investors to make informed decisions with confidence. By integrating investment analytics efficiently into the SnapX ecosystem, we strive to make cryptocurrency trading more accessible and profitable for everyone.

Telegram Mini App

AI Analytics

SnapX transforms mixed data into valuable insights through AI and ML to help investors make trading decisions with confidence.


Long or short? Make trading decisions based on AI insights and simply T2E - tap-to-earn, trade-to-earn directly on Telegram!

Referral & Leaderboard

Boost your rewards by teaming up with friends! Compete against other teams in exciting missions and become a champion in SnapX's vibrant social investing network.

SnapX Node App

Cash in on your social accounts with DePIN. Participate in social mining simply by connecting your social accounts and allowing investment information to be verified through the TON blockchain.


What is T2E?

Unlock Earnings with a Tap! The T2E Game allows you to tap-to-earn Snap Points (SP) effortlessly. Engage with the feed, make predictions by choosing "Long" or "Short," and claim your SP rewards. You can even maximize your rewards by using up to 100X leverage.

In later versions, the T2E Game evolves into T2E (trade-to-earn). You will be able to connect and trade directly using your existing CEX, DEX, or wallet on SnapX.

How does the AI-powered feed work?

Your AI-Enhanced Trading Partner.  The SnapX Node App aggregates online data from news, influencer content, opinion articles, research studies and even speculations on social media. AI processes this information, transforming it into clear, actionable insights, which are validated and simplified on the TON Blockchain's TicTon Oracle. Access these insights on the app's 'Latest Feed' to find comment analytics, market sentiments, and summarized data, all designed to help you make confident trading decisions.

How can I turn my social accounts into rewards using DePIN on SnapX?

Turn any social account into passive income with the Node App. Become a node operator on SnapX and participate in social mining by connecting your social accounts like X (Twitter). Start earning SPs instantly as long as your node is running. The SnapX Node App scrapes only your feed data, keeping your personal information anonymous and secure. Utilizing a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN), SnapX offers efficient, real-time data from over 50,000 social channels, ensuring you have the latest information for time-sensitive trading decisions while maintaining low costs and high performance.

Why should I earn Snap Points (SP)?

Join the SnapX Revolution. Earning SP today sets you up for future benefits. Soon, you'll be able to swap SP for $XNAP tokens via TON Connect, enhancing your SnapX ecosystem experience. Even before $XNAP's Token Generation Event (TGE), you can accumulate SP through the T2E Game, Node Operations, Friend Referrals, and Daily Missions, rewarding your active participation in the SnapX community.